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Our CoolSculpting Vaughan clinic uses fat-freezing technology to help people shape their bodies by eliminating fat cells and providing long term results. This technology addresses stubborn fat that are harder to get rid of with diet and exercise. CoolSculpting Vaughan is an FDA-approved procedure that gives you the contour you desire without surgery or downtime.



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Using controlled cooling, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells, contouring them naturally, and pain-free. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that helps you target your trouble areas safely and effectively in a way that produces noticeable and long-term results.

How Does Body CoolSculpting in Vaughan Work?

CoolSculpting is Vaughan residents’ solution to get rid of stubborn fat for both men and women. No matter how much exercise some people do or how well they eat, some fat is just harder to get rid of. With body CoolSculpting Vaughan treatments, the fat cells under the skin are frozen to death by safely delivering controlled cooling. This procedure can reduce 10% to 20% of the targeted fat with each session. CoolSculpting can treat the:

  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Thighs and knees
  • Abdomen
  • Hips and Buttocks

With controlled cooling, body CoolSculpting only targets the fat cells without affecting the cells around it. The treated fat cells crystalize, freeze and die. After multiple treatments over time, the body naturally processes the dead cells and eliminate fat for good. Many people bring their laptop, read or nap during the procedure at our Vaughan clinic.

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coolsculpting double chin in Vaughan

CoolMini for Double Chin Removal

Many people in Vaughan are unhappy with the excess fat in their neck that causes double chin. This causes their jawline to disappear and lose lower face definition. For many people, their double chin just won’t go away despite having a very healthy diet and exercising. Now, CoolMini is the most advanced double chin removal solution that freezes away fat.

CoolSculpting was designed for larger body parts and wasn’t appropriate for smaller areas like the chin. That’s why the CoolMini applicator was created to be used safely and effectively in smaller areas. On average, patients notice about a 20% removal of excess fat which reduces their double chin significantly. Over time, your body will absorb and eliminate the treated fat cells.

With CoolMini in Vaughan, you don’t have to deal with invasive plastic surgeries like chin augmentation or liposuction. All we use is a handheld applicator that delivers the same fat-freezing technology as CoolSculpting. You can see a difference in just one or two double chin removal sessions. After an hour of treatment, the target areas are massaged.

Safe and Effective CoolSculpting Results

It takes four to six months to see full results of body CoolSculpting in Vaughan. In the first few months, your body will work to remove the targeted fat cells. Millions of CoolSculpting procedures have been performed around the world and it has proven to be safe and effective. Body CoolSculpting in Vaughan has built-in safety measures. Because the treatment is non-invasive, you can usually return to your normal activities immediately.

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Book a Free CoolSculpting Consultation

CoolSculpting provides people with an answer to pushing just a little further to getting their ideal body contours. While CoolSculpting doesn’t help you shed weight, it helps with the distribution of fat cells where you do not want fat to be. Customers who use CoolSculpting often state that it helped them achieve their goals for their body and their appearance and see long-term benefits.

Customized CoolSculpting Plan

The aestheticians at our Vaughan CoolSculpting clinic has a thorough consultation with each client to understand their goals, concerns and budget. Based on the discussion, we develop a customized treatment plan so they can get their desired results. Whether you want body CoolSculpting or CoolMini procedures in Vaughan, we will always provide safe, effective and non-invasive treatments. Each session only takes one hour and you will feel comfortable during each session. Once double chin removal treatment is complete, Vaughan residents usually return to their normal routine.

Your CoolSculpting Consultation in Vaughan

A consultation with a Vaughan CoolSculpting provider will show you the potential that CoolSculpting in Vaughan has to boost your confidence and change your life.