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Unlock the secrets to a refined jawline and increased confidence through our specialized Double Chin Reduction Treatment at Laser Body Sculpting Clinic. Bid farewell to the frustration of a double chin as we sculpt your profile with precision and care.

About Double Chin Reduction Treatment

Experience a transformation that enhances your natural beauty at Laser Body Sculpting Clinic. Our specialized treatment targets submental fullness, offering a non-invasive solution for achieving a more contoured and refined jawline. Uncover the best version of yourself without the need for surgery.


  • Price: Starts from $350
  • Session Time: 45 mins
  • Sessions Needed: 4-6
  • Level of Discomfort: 5/10

How it Works

Our Double Chin Reduction Treatment utilizes advanced techniques to target and reduce stubborn fat deposits beneath the chin. Focused on safety and effectiveness, this non-invasive procedure delivers noticeable results, contributing to a more youthful and confident appearance.


  • Customized Treatment: Tailored to address your specific concerns and achieve your desired profile.
  • Non-Invasive: Experience the benefits of double chin reduction without the need for surgery or incisions.
  • Minimal Discomfort: Rated at 5/10 on the discomfort scale, ensuring a relatively comfortable treatment experience.
  • Quick Sessions: Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes, allowing you to conveniently incorporate it into your schedule.
  • Effective Results: Witness a more defined jawline and a reduction in submental fullness with each session.

Preparation & Aftercare


  • Arrive with a clean face, free of lotions or makeup.
  • Communicate any medications or health-related concerns with our expert team.


  • Follow any post-treatment instructions provided by our professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many sessions are recommended for optimal results?
    • We typically recommend 4-6 sessions for optimal and lasting results.
  2. Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?
    • Yes, our double chin reduction treatment is suitable for various skin tones and types.
  3. What can I expect during the treatment?
    • Experience a relatively comfortable session with minimal discomfort, addressing the specific concerns of submental fullness.

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Embark on a journey to a more sculpted and confident you. Book your Double Chin Reduction Treatment at Laser Body Sculpting Clinic in Toronto or around the GTA. Reclaim your jawline and rediscover your confidence with our specialized non-surgical solution.