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CoolSculpting Mississauga Clinic provides individuals with a Health Canada and FDA certified non-surgical procedure that contours your body and eliminates fat with an advanced fat freezing technology called cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting focuses on the stubborn body fat in areas that is difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise. It is the most efficient way to remove stubborn fat with no pain, no downtime and with no surgery needed! At CoolSculpting Mississauga, we ensure that your body concerns are taken care of with customized treatment plans, effective technology and professional Medical Aestheticians helping you achieve your desired body goals!

Your CoolSculpting Consultation

A FREE consultation with an official CoolSculpting provider serving in the Mississauga area, will not only show you how the technology works, it will also show you that CoolSculpting can help you create the body shape that YOU feel good in!

Shape Up with CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting Mississauga aims to help you shape up into the best version of yourself. With the CoolSculpting treatment, we help you feel good and look good- and live a healthy lifestyle without diet and exercise. The best part is- its non-invasive and it has no downtime!

> Chin
> Effective results
> Eliminates fat
> Guaranteed results
> Non-invasive
> Safe procedure
> FDA and Health Canada cleared

More About CoolSculpting

What are you Waiting for? bGet your CoolSculpting today!

Its always a good time to get your CoolSculpting treatment, especially when you’re working towards your desired body goals. Good eating habits and exercise helps you live a healthy life- but CoolSculpting helps you feel and look good in addition to your healthy lifestyle with results that will LAST! With CoolSculpting being available in Mississauga, you also do not need to drive far to get your treatments done- no surgery, no downtime and no pain! Get your CoolSculpting today and contour your body to what you desire it to be!

Who Does CoolSculpting Benefit?

The answer is everyone! If you have pinchable fat in areas that are treatable, we can eliminate it! At our complimentary consultations, we determine which areas are treatable.
If you have been thinking about fat reduction in certain areas of your body because anything else you have tried does not seem to be working, CoolSculpting in Mississauga can help you eliminate the fat in those areas once and for all. CoolSculpting can help get rid of stubborn fat (thighs or abdomen) or help you tone up your figure. Treatment areas include: chin area, knees, buttocks, banana rolls, abdomen, flanks, arms, back/bra fat and your thighs. Most importantly, this treatment works for both men and women. At CoolSculpting Mississauga, we tailor the treatment based on your concerns and provide you with long lasting results.
At the CoolSculpting Mississauga clinic, our first priority is how you feel about your body and what you want to change about your body. We book you in for a free consultation, we learn more about your lifestyle, your eating and exercise habits and the areas on your body that you want to improve. We then explain to you how the CoolSculpting treatment works and then we tailor a treatment for you that will help you achieve the long-term results that you desire. At the CoolSculpting Mississauga Clinic, we will help freeze wise and drop a size!


A Customized plan, just for you!

CoolSculpting Mississauga generates a carefully designed planned for each individual client. We recognize that every client is different- from their eating habits, exercise habits, lifestyle, body type and body shape. We take all these factors into consideration and recommend a plan that fits your needs, wants and budget! Our payment options help you reach your body goals where you can feel and look the best that you can be with a safe and non-invasive treatment that also does not break the bank!


Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is Mississauga’s solution to addressing the problematic areas of men and women who work hard to eliminate fatty areas on their body that don’t seem to go away. Having a CoolSculpting clinic in Mississauga provides individuals in the GTA area with an easily accessible location to get their fat reduction treatment done, reducing their travel and traffic time but still providing them with the same quality treatment. The CoolSculpting Mississauga clinic provides individualized treatment plans in combination with the CoolSculpting fat freezing technology, and help you get rid of the stubborn fat on your body that diet and exercise cannot reduce.

Here are the targeted areas that CoolSculpting can eliminate fat in:

– Double Chin
– Upper arms
– Submental areas
– Abdomen and flank
– Knees
– Inner and outer thighs
– Back fat
– Bra fat
– Banana rolls and Buttocks
– Hips

CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis, a controlled fat freezing technology that targets fat cells in certain pre-marked areas (determined by the Medical Aesthetician and patient) without affecting the cells around it. After as little as 3 treatments, the body begins to eliminate the fat cells naturally, and you will see the wonders of CoolSculpting!

Our Client Says…

My experience here was amazing! I'm self conscious because I have stubborn fat on my belly, even though I exercise and eat healthy daily. I was a little uncomfortable to talk about my trouble areas, but the clinic director made me feel at ease. She was pleasant, patient and nonjudgmental. She was very thorough about how the procedure worked, and addressed all my concerns. I still have one more session to go, but still VERY HAPPY with the results so far!!!!!!!! Would definitely recommend!

Amanda, Toronto.

I have had a really positive experience so far, and after being terrified by the intense experiences others have had on here I thought I would post about my positive one (so far)
Through exercise and diet I had gotten down to about 118 lbs and had a very muscular stomach that I was very proud of but I didn't like what the weight loss did to my chest. I am now back at my natural weight (125-128) and after about a year of reading about CoolSculpting I went in for a consultation. I feel good and know that my stomach and flanks are in good shape but I want that last 5% to got to get into excellent territory.

Sarah, Oakville.

I am 5'2 , 135 lbs does Pilates reformer on a regular basis with lots of core work. I feel like I was building muscles but my stubborn fat around abs were just not getting any smaller as I am in my 40's. I had 2 smaller applicators one on each side and the large one lower abdomen which counted as two areas for a total of four areas done one month ago. Seeing results after one month and excited to see more in two more months.

Tracy, Etobicoke.

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