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One of the most common areas for stubborn fat to accumulate is under the chin creating what is called a double chin. It can have a very negative effect on individuals that are trying to deal with this. There are many different approaches that people will take to try and correct this, and most often, they do not get the results they are looking for. This often leads them to other solutions like CoolSculpting chin treatments. Some of the traditional methods they will try is as follows: Different types of facial exercises: The problem is that this is much like doing exercises when fat accumulates in other parts of the body, and the body resists in. Most people don’t have the time or patience to practice chin exercises every day.

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Face Masks: There are products on the market that are being promoted for helping with the double chin. At best, what these might do is temporarily camouflage the area by slightly tightening the skin to give the area a lift. However, the results are minimal, and at best, will only last for a few hours. They are not able to penetrate the skin and break up the fat.
coolsculpting chin
Diet: This is often the first approach that a lot of people will take to dispel the fat. Again their efforts are often futile as the cause of the double chin may be as a result of different reasons as further explained below.

Surgery: There are some that will resort to more invasive procedures like surgery. There are different types of surgery, all of which can be invasive. This can create some unwanted risks like all surgery does, even if it is classed as minor surgery.

The failure of these traditional methods is what is driving many people with double chin problems to turn to CoolSculpting chin procedures. They are a lot of good reasons why they are opting for this treatment.

What are the Causes of a Double Chin

A double chin is essentially extra fat layers that build up under the chin area. There are many factors that create a double chin.

One factor that can cause this is age. When we age, our skin loses its elasticity, and extra fat deposits in that area then tend to sag.

People gain weight differently. The weight gain can be specific to certain areas of the body. When some people gain weight, it appears on their face and under their chin, while others may not gain it there at all. CoolSculpting is relatively inexpensive and non-invasive way to get rid of your double chin.

Genetics can also be a leading factor to having a double chin. If family history dictates your skin is lacking in elasticity, you may be at risk for a double chin.

Bad posture can also create loose, saggy skin around the chin and neck area when these surrounding muscles are not used.

How Will CoolSculpting Work for Removing My Double Chin?

The process that is used for removing the fat cells causing the double chin is very simple. The treatment takes approximately 35 minutes. The following steps take place:

  • A gel pad is applied
  • Controlled cooling is delivered through a handheld applicator to the area containing the fat cells, at the same time using suction
  • You may feel a little discomfort such as pinching, tingling, pulling or stinging
  • Massaging of the treated area following the treatment helps to break up frozen deep tissue, as well as aiding the body in absorption of the dead fat cells.

What Are the Side Effects of Treating the Double Chin Area

Some but not all people experience side effects post treatment. However, there are some that may experience:

  • Minor redness or soreness for a couple of weeks
  • Swelling
  • A feeling of fullness in the throat
  • Tenderness
  • Achiness
  • Tingling

CoolSculpting Chin Before and After

How Will the Flabby Area Under My Chin Look After Treatment?

CoolSculpting will greatly reduce the saggy look where the fat cells have deposited themselves. Under your chin will look much smoother and tighter afterward. You can feel more confident and look younger when this area is treated.

How Long Will It Take Before I See My Double Chin Disappear

Some results after CoolSculpting to the double chin can be seen as early as three weeks. However, results are usually more noticeable after two or three months. Keeping in mind the fat reducing process is still working for up to six months following the procedure.

Why is the CoolSculpting Chin Procedure So Effective?

A lot of people have heard about how successful the CoolSculpting chin procedure has been for them and are curious as to why this method is so effective. The answer lies within what CoolSculpting is all about.

CoolSculpting is a procedure that has been designed to deal with stubborn fat that is not responding to conventional methods for its elimination. The procedure is one that has been developed based on science referred to as cryolipolysis.

What is Cryolipolysis?

This is sometimes referred to as fat freezing. Aptly named because the procedure involves freezing the fat cells. One of the reasons it is so effective is because fat cells are more receptive to cold compared to the rest of the cells in the body. The trade name for the patented treatment is CoolSculpting.

There are several other reasons why CoolSculpting is so effective.

People follow through with the treatments because they don’t demand a lot of time or effort on their part. Compare how much time has to go into the conventional methods of tackling the double chin fat. For some, it means they try for weeks or even months on a daily basis to adhere to a strict diet. Or they try to dedicate time every day to do some type of exercises. The CoolScupting treatment for the chin can average between ½ hour to one hour and is not something that is done every day or for long periods at a time. What all of this means is that people will follow through with the treatment, which allows them to enjoy the success of it.

The Convenience

With no real effort being needed other than for showing up for the treatment, it is a big convenience for clients. Another reason why so many are intent on following through with their designated treatments.

The Safety Factor

Another aspect about CoolSculpting that can lead to the success for so many is that it has a lot of safety factors. Even more so than some of the traditional methods that are being used for double chin fat reduction. With exercise, there is always the risk of strains and body injury. With dieting, there can be risks of individuals having adverse effects from a potential diet if they do not follow it properly. Then for those who take weight loss supplements, they too could be at risk.

FDA Approved

With the CoolSculpting, it has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. So it had to comply with stringent regulations. There is nothing invasive about the procedure, so again, another reason why so many people are opting for this treatment and why so many are enjoying the results.

CoolSculpting Double Chin Cost

CoolSculpting is an individualized treatment. Meaning it is customized for every individual depending on their specific needs. This means the pricing can fluctuate. In most cases, the smaller the area being treated, the lower the price is. On an average the cost for the fat reduction on the chin is about $1,400.

Some may think that this cost is a little high. For those who have tried other methods for removing the fat, they fully understand that compared to those costs, the costs for CoolSculpting double chin procedures is most reasonable. Starts from $550 per cycle.

CoolSculpting Chin Reviews

With so many people taking advantage of CoolSculpting chin procedures, there is a good amount of feedback about it. Keeping in mind that no procedure is going to garner 100% positive reviews. People are individuals, and their results are going to vary. Their bodies are different, so that the results will be too. Overall many people have gotten at least the results they wanted, or the outcome has exceeded their expectations.

Many of the positive reviews spoke about how easy it was to go through the procedure. They expected it to be more uncomfortable and were surprised that they really could go about their normal routine following the procedure.

CoolSculpting is done in many different locations, so comments about the locations themselves should not factor into the reviews unless an individual is planning on going to a specific clinic and want to learn more about that establishment.

A lot of the reviews will talk about how they had to wait to see significant results, but when they did not, only was it noticeable to them, but others commented on the favorable results as well.

The Impact of the Success of CoolSculpting Chin Treatments

Some people put up with the double chin for many years. They try their best not to let it bother them, but it can have a negative impact on them mentally.

Low Self Esteem

A lot of people suffer from low self-esteem when they have this problem. They feel like they can’t look their best no matter how well dressed they are. When they see the results of the CoolSculpting treatment, it gives them a real mental lift. They feel more comfortable about their looks. Even if they are dealing with weight problems to have one issue taken care of is a big thing for them.


Some feel that the double chin is so prominent that everyone automatically notices it. This make them feel embarrassed. They don’t want to wear anything that draws attention to it. So they will often avoid wearing anything around the neck that might draw some positive attention in itself. The fear is that the double chin will overpower this. Some women don’t even like to wear dangling earrings for the same purpose. This is no longer an issue after they begin enjoying the results of the CoolSculpting chin treatment. A lot of people don’t even like having pictures taken.


Depending on the thickness of the double chin, some say it makes them feel uncomfortable physically. They don’t like to wear anything tight around their neck. They find that once they have experienced the positive results of the treatment, they feel much more comfortable.

It’s Not Just Women

Some may think that it is only women who can benefit from the CoolSculpting double chin treatment. This is certainly not the case. There are many men who have to deal with double chins. Some have been very successful at keeping their body weight under control but no success dealing with the double chin. There is hope for them as well, and it’s the same CoolSculpting treatment that so many women are opting for. They find it just as convenient and like the fact that it is not an invasive procedure. They do not feel any embarrassment about opting for this treatment, nor are they treated any different than the females when they go for their treatment.

Making The Final Decision

It is natural for a person to want to take their time before making a decision that is going to affect their appearance. Once they have educated themselves about all of the benefits of the CoolSculpting chin treatment, there should not be any reason why they should put up with the double chin issue any longer. For those who truly want to be rid of this problem or at least see a vast improvement, then it should be easy to make the decision about the treatments. Any concerns they may have can be addressed by the professionals who perform these treatments. Which are qualified physicians. It will be money well spent for many different reasons.

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Coolsculpting chin

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