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Among all the various locations where fat can accumulate on the body, some areas can be difficult to deal with more than others. One of these areas is the thighs. For some it is the outer thighs, then for others it is the inner thighs and then for another group it is both. This collection of fat in this area is often referred to as “saddlebags.” Many people are now turning to a very successful treatment for the flanks which is CoolSculpting thighs treatments.

What Causes Fat On The Thighs?

Most think that the cause of the fat on the inner thigh or outer fat is simply coming from diet. Diet can play a role in this, but there are also factors that can as well. Science is showing that genes can have an affect on this. Furthermore, there are belly fat genes as well as thigh fat genes. Based on this it means that the fat is not just as a cause of eating the wrong foods.

cools culpting thighs

Another cause can be lack of exercise. This is a big factor as it allows the fat to accumulate because it is not being disturbed. Once it accumulates, then it is very difficult to dispel it with exercise alone. CoolSculpting thigh treatments are able to destroy those fat cells. Once this happens the body can then absorb the dead cells and dispel them from the body.

Why Is This Fat So Hard To Get Rid Of?

This fat is difficult to get rid of because according to some scientific studies, thigh fat differs from belly fat. Studies have shown that for women they have the tendency to accumulate more fat on the thigh area as well as the hips compared to males. It makes sense that that if there are such differences in the fat that it is not going to respond to the conventional methods that the other fat does. For that type of fat it may respond well to diet change and exercise.

There are some individuals who have attempted to use conventional methods to deal with thigh fat. What they have discovered is that they have lost body fat in other areas of their body but not the thigh area. Again, a good indicator in the different types of fat and why conventional methods do not work on stubborn thigh fat.

What is CoolSculpting For Thighs?

CoolSculpting for thighs is very similar to the other types of CoolSculpting treatments, like the treatments used for back fat for example. The difference being is the treatment is targeting inner thigh fat or outer thigh fat. This is another great benefit of CoolSculpting treatments meaning that specific areas of the body can be targeted for fat reduction without it affecting other areas.

coolsculpting thighs

How Does CoolSculpting For Thighs Work?

CoolSculpting procedures are based on science as well as technology. Scientists have discovered that fat cells respond to cold differently than what the other cells of the body do. This discovery led to the development of CoolSculpting which is a patented name and procedure.

The process involves applying extreme cold to the cells who are not able to withstand this temperature. It is often called fat freezing. Once the treatment has been applied to the target cells they are destroyed by the cool temperature they are being exposed to. The body is then able to get rid of these destroyed cells, with the end result being a reduction in the accumulation of these stubborn fat cells.

There is a specific procedure that is carried out for CoolSculpting for thighs.

Before any treatments are carried out, a full assessment of the individual is done. There are many things that are determined through this assessment. Such as:

  • If the client is a candidate for the treatment
  • How much fat is present that needs to be disposed of
  • How many treatments are estimated to deal with the problem effectively
  • The cost based on the data retrieved from the assessment.

The Procedure

The procedure is relatively simple. The professional will apply a gel, then the targeted areas is held in position by two panels.

Once the panels are in position, then the CoolSculpting equipment will deliver a freezing temperature to the targeted cells.

How long the actual procedure will take is determined by several factors. Such as how intense the body fat is, and the size of the area being treated. The treatment could take as little as a half hour up to an hour or more. The treatment is very much like sculpting the area to a more pleasing appearance.

Once the treatment has been completed, the professional may massage the treated area to help with the breaking up of the fat cells.

There are a lot of additional benefits to the CoolSculpting thigh procedures.

  • This is a non-invasive procedure. Which means there is no surgery involved.
  • People having the CoolSculpting thigh treatment done can return to their normal routine following the treatment. There is no downtime.
  • The treatment has minimal discomfort to it for the majority of people. At first, there may be a cool sensation and a tugging of the skin. Most adjust to this quickly and then find that they can relax during the remained of the treatment. A lot of people use this opportunity to do so, reading or listen to music. Some find it an ideal time to take a quick nap.

Is CoolSculpting For Thighs Safe?

CoolSculpting treatments have been performed since 2012. Throughout the years, there have not been any complaints or concerns about it being unsafe.

The procedures are done by highly trained physicians or health care providers.

The equipment used is comprised of the highest technology. It has sensors on it that track the temperature, and there is an automatic shut off if the equipment is failing in any way.

Being as it is a non invasive treatment, it means there are no incision, which means no risk of infection.

At the very most following the treatment, there may be some slight discomfort. Or, there may be some redness, bruising, or swelling. All of which is normal and will disappear.

The area in need of fat removal is specifically targeted. It is only this area that is affected by the CoolSculpting thigh treatment. The surrounding area is not exposed to the treatment, therefore, there is no damage done to normal cells. Nor does the treatment damage the skin.

Can Anyone Have CoolSculpting For Thighs Done?

Most people can qualify for the CoolSculpting thigh treatment. Keeping in mind that this is not a treatment for obesity. So, if the fat in the thighs is as a result of being obese, then this is not fat that will benefit from the CoolSculpting thigh treatment.

There are some health conditions that some people may have that will disqualify them from the CoolSculpting thigh procedure, which are:

  • cryoglobulinemia
  • cold agglutinin disease
  • paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria

Individuals who have these conditions could have serious complications if they were to have CoolSculpting treatments.

Every individual that is going to have any type of procedure done to their body should always clear it with their health care provider first.

CoolSculpting Before and After Thighs

The most exciting part about CoolSculpting for Thighs is the before and after. This is when those who have had to CoolSculpting treatment done get to see the results.

The Before:

The before condition of the thighs is not something that most people forget about even after the area has been corrected. This is because this has been such a painful time for them emotionally. Those who do not have this problem have no idea how frustrating it is for those that do. For example:

There are some people who are so embarrassed about the condition of their thighs that they do not want to go out in public. It affects their social life. It may even affect them in the workplace. Some many opt not to move up the corporate ladder because they have such low self esteem caused by their appearance.

For others, their frustration lies in never being able to buy the style of clothing that they really have a desire to wear. Wearing dress pants that look good is something they struggle with.

Some will not enjoy activities like swimming because they don’t want to expose their outer thighs or inner thighs because they feel this looks unsightly.

There are some people who won’t even have pictures taken because of their appearance.

Overall excess fat on the thighs affects the majority of those who are dealing with this problem.

The After:

Any change for the better that is accomplished when dealing with inner thigh fat or outer thigh fat is well received. This is why CoolSculpting thigh treatments have become so popular.

At first, no distinct change may be noticed. This is because the CoolSculpting treatment continues to work three to six months after they have been applied. It takes time for the treatment to break down the fat cells then time for the body to dispose of them. As the process continues then the changes become noticeable.

At first, it is the recipient of the CoolSculpting treatments that begin to notice the difference. For some they have so much accumulation on their inner thighs that they can rub together when walking. When the CoolSculpting treatment is delivering results this rubbing may disappear, and it is the first noticeable result the individual discovers. This is an exciting moment for them. Perhaps visually, they are not seeing a major difference yet, but they can feel it.

Another breakthrough is when those who have received CoolSculpting thigh treatments do put on their present clothing and notice that it is not so restrictive and clinging to the fat areas. Now they know real progress is being made. Some like to do before and after photos to track their progress.

People may not comment specifically about the results they notice about those that have CoolSculpting thigh treatments, because they feel they are being rude. What they will often say is they noticed that someone has lost a lot of weight. For the individuals receiving this complement, it is another big indicator that they made the right choice to have CoolSculpting thigh treatments.

CoolSculpting Costs For Thighs

Most people are always concerned about costs, no matter what they are investing in. For people that are fighting stubborn fat issues, cost to correct the problem often becomes secondary. They will pay almost anything if they are going to get rid of the fat.

A true testament of this is the amount of money that is spent on diet programs and gym memberships as well as investing in all types ofexercise equipment. If an individual has been fighting stubborn fat for a long period of time, no doubt they have invested a ton of money in less than successful attempts at fat removal. The total cost of these compared to CoolSculpting treatments is probably significantly higher.

No one price can be put on CoolSculpting thigh treatments. This is because every individual is unique, and so is the fat they are dealing with. It means that the CoolSculpting professionals have to assess each person on a personalized basis, which determines how many treatments they may need. This is going to affect the cost.

When an individual is opting in for CoolSculpting thigh treatments, a full assessment is done. This is when the costs of the treatments can be determined based on their specific needs. From this point the individuals can decide whether they want to invest in this. Most find compared to the many other methods promoted for fat removal that the CoolSculpting treatments are the most reasonably priced. Starts from $550 per cycle.

Cool Sculpting Inner Reviews

CoolSculpting Inner reviews are referring to those reviews that are applicable to treatments that have targeted the inner thigh fat. There are also reviews for CoolSculpting outer thigh fat.

The majority of reviews are positive even when the results vary. Those that have offered such reviews know that every person is different, and therefore so are the results. They are basing their review on the level of satisfaction that they have received from their treatments. There are some where the fat has not totally disbursed but what has been eliminated has created some very dramatic and positive results for them. They feel that their investment in the CoolSculpting treatments was a great investment. The results have made a major difference in their lives. Especially for those who have been genetically disposed to having thigh fat.

There will be some reviews that are negative, and again this is understandable. There is not one company that offers any type of fat reduction solutions that can claim that they will work for absolutely everyone. Every person has a human body that is different and will react differently to whatever it is exposed to. This is the reason why some individuals who participate in diet programs do not get the same results as everyone does. However, often with the negative reviews their expectations may be unrealistic, thinking that all the fat is going to completely disappear and some expect instantaneous results even though they have been told otherwise.

Something else that has to be realized is that CoolSculpting thigh treatments are not designed for treating obesity. This is a completely different weight issue and should not be assumed that the fat they are dealing with is the same type of stubborn fat that is dealt with by CoolSculpting.

Making The Decision for CoolSculpting Thigh Treatment

Any time you are going to do something to your body, it is a big decision. Therefore it should be an informed one.

You want to begin by familiarizing yourself with what the treatment is and the premise behind it like it has been explained here.

You can begin by having an assessment done by a qualified CoolSculpting thigh treatment professional. They will be able to answer any questions you may have. They will also determine if you are a candidate for the treatment.

coolsculpting for thighs

You will want to consider the cost. No doubt, you have been one of the many who have tried all types of offers to dispel of this stubborn fat. All of these offers have come with a price tag. The cost of CoolSculpting compared to these is more than reasonable.

The other question you need to ask yourself is, what is the success of the CoolSculpting thigh treatment going to mean to you? Obviously if you are looking for resources that are going to deal with this problem you have a lot of concerns about the accumulated fats. The success at getting rid of this fat is going to eliminate all those concerns. So you need to decide how important this is to you.

Then think about the safety factors and the convenience that comes with this treatment. It is a quick procedure with no risks like many of the other treatments being offered for stubborn fat reduction in the thigh areas.

There are a lot of good reasons to choose the CoolSculpting thigh treatments and basically no reasons why you should not go for it.

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Coolsculpting for thighs

to work towards a solution for your body that is guaranteed results in the long term that will allow you to get the contour you want for your body.