Coolsculpting arms

CoolSculpting Arms

The upper arm region, is one of the most difficult areas on the body to reduce fat. Sagging skin and fat in this area is often referred to as bye-bye arms. This little bit of fat that hangs from our arms can be such a sore spot for many women. However, what many women don’t understand is that arm fat is normal. Having said this, it doesn’t change the fact that many women are not happy with the fat deposits in this part of their body. This is why so many women are looking for a something to eliminate the fat like CoolSculpting Arms treatments.

Why Do So Many Women Have Upper Arm Fat?

This is most common in women. Due to the fact that women have higher estrogen levels than men, we tend to store more fat. A woman’s body tends to carry approximately six to eleven percent more body fat than most men do. In order for women to be healthy, they require a minimum of 12% body fat. This percentage pertains to their overall body weight. Essential fats are found in the lungs, liver, heart, muscles, kidneys, central nervous system tissue, and intestines. Women with excessive unwanted arm fat tend to hide these areas with clothing. Some women even wear long sleeved tops in the summer because they are so self-conscious of the fat on their arms. CoolSculpting Arms treatments is a great way of sculpting your arms to provide more definition.

Diet and Exercise for The Upper Arms

Some women are able to control the amount of fat on their upper arms through extreme dieting and excessive exercise. However there are many women that practice healthy eating habits and regular arm exercises and still to no avail cannot lose that last little bit of unwanted fat. A procedure called CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis is a fat reduced method that can greatly help those women that experience resistance from diet and exercise alone. It is very important to remember once you have decided and have gone through CoolSculpting Arms treatments you still must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Facts About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Arms treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive, patented treatment used for reducing fat in various target areas on the body. Cryolipolysis science is used in this procedure to cool the skin in the targeted areas to the point of freezing. This process freezes and destroys fat cells located under the skin. The purpose of the creation of this procedure was to target and destroy areas of fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise, like the upper arm area.

FDA Approved

In 2012, the FDA approved the procedure and treatment of CoolSculpting. Originally CoolSculpting was FDA approved for fat reducing treatment in the love handle, known as the flank area in 2010. It was approved solely for this purpose. Through the use of clinical trials, the FDA slowly approved CoolSculpting treatments for additional areas on the body. The FDA has now approved the use of CoolSculpting on the thighs, abdomen, flanks, under the chin, buttocks, back fat, bra fat, banana roll and now with it’s latest approval, the upper arms.

How Does CoolSculpting Work on Arm fat?

CoolSculpting also known as cryolipolysis, uses a scientific method of breaking down fatty tissue by the response of fat cells to cold temperatures in the arm area. This process literally extracts energy from layers of fat which then destroys subcutaneous fat in the arms. This process leaves surrounding muscles, other tissues and nerves unaffected. Post treatment these digested subcutaneous fat cells are filtered through the lymphatic system and are expelled as waste. This takes place over several months. The body can eliminate these digested fat cells for up to 6 months. Using this procedure on arm fat greatly reduces the fatty deposits on the arms, producing a more contoured appearance.

What Are All My Options to Get Rid of Arm Fat?

There are a few options available for reducing arm fat. The first thing most people try first is diet and exercise. However for many women arm fat is resistant to diet and exercise. So after many months of practicing this method to no avail, they are left seeking other ways to achieve their goals. Often these alternative methods come with some serious risks. These are risks that are NOT present with Coolsculpting Arms treatments.

Arm Liposuction

Liposuction also referred to as lipoplasty or body contouring, is performed on the arms to sculpt and remodel this area of the body. The process gets rid of unwanted fat , normally on the underside of the upper arm region. Liposuction does not cure cellulite nor is it a substitution for diet and exercise. Arm liposuction is an intrusive procedure that possesses many risks. A liposuction patient faces the following risks:

Accumulation of Fluid – sometimes temporary pockets of fluid, known as seromas can form beneath the skin’s surface. This may require the drainage of fluid by way of a needle.

Infection – rare but possible, skin infections can happen and at times can be life threatening

Contour Irregularities – the liposuction process may cause the appearance of bumpy skin if the fat was removed unevenly, you experience unusual healing or your skin lacks elasticity. These changes can be permanent. Also through insertion of the cannula instrument, it can cause your skin to take on a spotted appearance which is permanent.

Punctures – although rare, the cannula can puncture an organ if it is inserted too deeply. This would result in emergency surgery.

Numbness – liposuction procedures run the risk of permanent or temporary numbness to the treated area. A patient may also experience temporary nerve irritation.

Fat Embolism – liposuction can cause fat embolisms, where pieces of fat break off, enter the blood system and travel to the brain or lungs. This is considered a medical emergency.

Lidocaine Toxicity – Lidocaine is often used during liposuction. It is injected with fluids to help with pain management. Though rare, lidocaine toxicity can occur. Lidocaine toxicity can cause very serious central nervous system and/or heart problems. This is a serious condition.

Kidney and Heart Issues – due to the fact that during liposuction fluids are being injected into and sucked out of your body, this can cause serious and possible life-threatening problems with your kidneys, lungs and heart.

CoolSculpting does not cause these side effects. However temporary numbness may be felt at the treatment site.

Arm Lifts

An arm lift, which is also known as brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to reduce skin that is drooping and tightens the underlying tissue. This is an invasive procedure which requires the removal of excess skin and fat. There are several risks involved with this type of surgery such as:

Scarring – due to the fact that an incision is required for this procedure, you will be left with incision scars. Sometimes these scars can become red and raised making them very visible. This may lead to corrective methods in reducing the appearance of the scars.

Skin Sensation – superficial sensory nerves can be affected during this procedure causing a change in your skin sensation. This is caused by the tissues in your arm being repositioned. This causes a feeling of temporary numbness.

Asymmetry Shape of Arms – During the healing process there will be changes in the symmetry of your arms. Even though the surgeon will do everything possible to minimize this effect, perfect symmetry is impossible.

Stitches – problems with stitches may occur if they make their way into the surface of the skin. If the skin becomes inflamed you may require additional surgery.

Bleeding – with any major surgery you run the risk of blood loss

Infection – Any surgical procedure involves the risk of infection. This can be caused by the environment, unclean surgical tools, or healing issues at the wound site.

Anesthesia – a reaction to anesthesia is a risk everyone faces when it is administered.

Tobacco Use – Due to the fact that smoking decreases blood flow in the skin and affects the healing process, some doctors may refuse to perform this type of surgery due to the risk of complications.

Painful – As with any incision there is a degree of pain involved. You will be prescribed pain medication.

Post Op Restrictions – following an arm lift, there are certain restrictions that are placed on you for 3 to 4 weeks like lifting your arms above your shoulder, 4 – 8 weeks of physical activity requiring the use of your arms.

Recovery – with having surgery, you will go through a recovery period, this can take up to 2 months.

With the exception of possible temporary numbness to the treated area, CoolSculpting does not pose any of the above risks that an arm lift would.

CoolSculpting Arms

CoolSculpting treatments on the upper arms is quick, painless way to reduce unwanted fat. This is a convenient method as the procedure only takes approximately 35 minutes per arm.

Who Should I Speak to About CoolSculpting Arms Treatments?

Prior to having any cosmetic procedure performed you should make an appointment to see your family physician. During your consultation with your family physician you should explain to him/her what your concerns are in the problematic areas of your body. You should discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Quite typically, your family physician will discuss the pros and cons of the various methods of fat removal. Once you have been medically cleared, you can proceed with your research about CoolSculpting Treatments.

Ideal Weight for CoolSculpting Arms Treatments

As CoolSculpting is not used as a weight loss measure, this treatment is recommended for those that are close to or have achieved their ideal weight. CoolSculpting Arms treatment is used as a body contouring procedure that targets subcutaneous fat, which is the layer of fat located under the skin. When CoolSculpting is used as a treatment for arm fat it is easy, fast and convenient.

Research CoolSculpting

It is very important to do extensive research on CoolSculpting as well as the facilities that offer these treatments. Even though this is a cosmetic body contouring procedure there are certain risks involved. You should be aware of all the risks. Researching the various clinics that offer CoolSculpting is important too. As there are some CoolSculpting “knock offs”, you want to make sure you will be receiving your treatments with the FDA approved equipment. Ultimately the best person to perform these treatments is a doctor, typically a plastic surgeon. However there are licenced healthcare providers that are fully trained on operating the CoolSculpting equipment that can perform the procedure as well. Finding a good experienced CoolSculpting treatment provider is crucial. This can help prevent ulnar nerve damage.

First CoolSculpting Arms Consultation

Once you have found a clinic you are happy with, the first step is to make an appointment for your first consultation. During this consultation you jointly discuss:

  • fatty areas on your arms
  • Your goals
  • Results you expect to see
  • how the CoolSculpting procedure works
  • what you can expect before, during and after the procedure
  • risks involved
  • Follow up appointment
  • healthy lifestyle after treatment

The doctor or clinician will examine your arms to determine a treatment plan. Pictures will be taken of the fatty arm area during this consultation.

Now you are ready to schedule your CoolSculpting treatment.

CoolSculpting Before and After

Preparing for CoolSculpting on Your Arms
Due to the fact that CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, there is minimal preparation for treatments. However, you should avoid taking anti-inflammatories and aspirin prior to treatment to minimize bruising of the treated areas of the arms. The major issue prior to CoolSculpting is ensuring you are at or close to your ideal weight. CoolSculpting does not treat obesity and is not meant to be used as a weight loss tool. CoolSculpting is basically a tool for getting rid of fatty bulges on your arms. This treatment is best used when diet and exercise is resistant to losing that last bit of unwanted fat on your arms.

CoolSculpting of the Arms Procedure

A doctor or clinician will perform the procedure by using a handheld CoolSculpting applicator. The applicator resembles vacuum cleaner nozzles.

The doctor or clinician will first apply a gel pad and then the applicator to each of your arms. The applicator is connected to a machine that delivers cooling to the arm areas. The applicator is moved over the skin in the targeted subcutaneous fat area. This administers both cooling and suction to the arms. Some clinics may have machines that can do multiple sites of CoolSculpting simultaneously. If not you will have one arm at a time. Each procedure on the arms takes about 35 minutes.

What Will I Feel During Arm CoolSculpting?

Some people feel a pulling or pinching sensation in the arms at the treatment site. However the pain you will experience is minimal. Patients often read or listen to music during their treatments. When the CoolSculpting treatment has ended, the doctor or clinician will then massage the arms to help break up frozen deep tissue. This helps regain circulation in the arms and aids in the absorption of the destroyed subcutaneous fat cells. Some patients experience some discomfort during the massage process.

What are the Risks or Side Effects of Arm CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting in itself is a non-invasive cooling treatment which offers a quick recovery time. However you may experience some discomfort or pain post treatment. You may experience some aches, swelling or numbness in the upper arms, the site of treatment. If you are sensitive to cold temperatures you may experience some discomfort during the treatment as well. Some common side effects which can be experienced during the procedure are:

  • pulling
  • cramping
  • tingling
  • stinging
  • pinching
  • intense cold sensations

However once the treatment area has been numbed, these side effects should subside.

Post treatment side effects in the arms that normally subside within a few days are:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • itching
  • skin sensitivity
  • tenderness
  • diarrhea
  • bruising
  • firmness
  • muscle spasms
  • cramping
  • aching

While rare, an inexperienced CoolSculpting provider can cause ulnar nerve damage. The ulnar nerve is the nerve which extends from your fingers to your neck through your entire arm. Damage to the ulnar nerve can cause long term numbness to the arms.

Another rare side effect is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This condition is as a result of fat cells enlarging several months after the CoolSculpting procedure on the arms. A JAMA Dermatology study reported that the chance of this happening is approximately 0.0051 percent. If it were to happen, it would occur months after CoolSculpting treatment to the arms.

Those that suffer from a condition called Raynaud’s phenomenon should avoid CoolSculpting. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a restriction in blood flow that may be experienced in fingers, ears, nose and toes. CoolSculpting treatments can cause blood vessels in these areas to constrict. Cold temperatures as in CoolSculpting treatments on the arms can trigger Raynaud’s phenomenon episodes.

Although uncommon, some side effects may temporarily return 3 days post treatment.

After CoolSculpting of the Arms

CoolSculpting is a great treatment for destroying subcutaneous arm fat. After having coolSculpting treatments there is little or no recovery time required. You don’t have to worry about taking extensive time off work or being restricted from normal activities. Some people may experience some minor pain or redness to the treated areas of the arms but this typically disappears within a short period of time. You may notice some results in your arms as soon as 3 weeks after the procedure. However, more typical results can be noticed within two to three months. You may want to take pictures along the results process to compare with your arm fat prior to treatment. Keep in mind flushing of the subcutaneous dead fat cells can continue for up to 6 months. Research and studies have shown that 79% of patients have reported a noticeable difference in the way their clothes fit in the arm area after treatments. As CoolSculpting is not meant to replace a healthy lifestyle, to continue enjoying the results of your CoolSculpting arm treatments you should eat healthy and exercise regularly. CoolSculpting does destroy subcutaneous fat cells and eliminate them from the body. However if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle new subcutaneous fat cells can form.

CoolSculpting Arms Cost

The cost of CoolSculpting arm treatments is a small price to pay for the ability to contour your arms. Costs can vary from $550 to $1000 per arm. Cost will depend on who is providing the treatments to your arms, what area the facility is located in and how many treatments will be involved to reduce your subcutaneous arm fat to your satisfaction.

CoolSculpting for Arms Reviews

According to reviews on the realself website many patients that have had CoolSculpting performed on their arms are very happy with the end results. One patient stated that she lost 1 inch off each arm that was treated with CoolSculpting. Most patients did not experience a lot of discomfort during their CoolSculpting treatments on their arms.

Coolsculpting for other parts of the body:

Coolsculpting arms

to work towards a solution for your body that is guaranteed results in the long term that will allow you to get the contour you want for your body.